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Kaohsiung Customs Cooperates with The Third Special Police Corps in Seizing Smuggled Dried Mushrooms from China

7691326171.jpgAfter seizing a full container of dried mushrooms from China on April 26, 2017, Kaohsiung Customs managed to seize another two containers of dried mushrooms and dried mushroom shreds imported from China on June 1, 2017. A preliminary estimation indicated that there were 700 cartons of the smuggled goods with a total weight of 6,000 kilograms. The estimated market value of these smuggled goods is above NT$10 million in total.

In the past February and March, Kaohsiung Customs received intelligence from The Third Special Police Corps, National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior, revealing that some controlled agricultural products might be imported illegally near in time. Kaohsiung Customs officers, after screening data and conducting analysis, found some goods shipped by the vessel “Kanway Global” suspicious. Therefore, the containers in question were put under full surveillance as soon as they had been unloaded from the vessel. As the consignee did not make a customs declaration within the prescribed period, the goods in question were then inspected by Kaohsiung Customs as per related regulations. It was discovered that the upper parts of all the cartons had been filled with LCD panels, while the lower parts were full of dried mushrooms and dried mushroom shreds. Since the agricultural products had neither been listed in the manifest nor in the shipping documents, all of them were detained as detailed by related regulations, and transferred to competent judicial authorities for further legal actions.

Kaohsiung Customs said that seizure of smuggled agricultural products from China has always been one of the Customs' key duties. It was understood that the goods in question had been imported when the Dragon Boat Festival was just around the corner, and that food ingredients such as dried mushrooms were urgently needed for the occasion. Therefore, Kaohsiung Customs inferred that unscrupulous vendors had been tempted to smuggle low-priced dried mushrooms from China to take advantage of the occasion, totally disregarding quarantine requirements and the hard work of domestic dried mushroom farmers. The Customs authority reiterated that smuggled agricultural products which have not been quarantined might contain toxins harmful to human health. If these products are sold in the market, the health of the general public will be in jeopardy. In order to protect domestic agriculture and to ensure food safety for the people, the Customs authority has spared no effort in fighting against the prohibited goods, successfully stamping out the illegal activity. The public is encouraged to report any suspected smuggling activities to the Customs by calling the toll-free number: 0800-711117.

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  • Publish Date:2017-06-09
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