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Keelung Customs urges the importers to correctly declare the country of origin of agricultural products

Keelung Customs has recently seized seasoned mushroom shreds imported from Japan. The importer of the goods failed to declare Mainland China as the country of origin and therefore involved in false declaration and evasion of inspection. The Customs reminds that while importing agricultural products, importers should pay attention to related regulations and honestly declare the country of origin of the goods so as not to receive penalties.


Keelung Customs further explains that to define the country of origin for 9 types of agricultural products, including garlic, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, prunes, plums, tea, rice, peanuts and daylilies, in 2005 and 2010 respectively, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Affairs jointly announced that the origin of the aforementioned goods should be based on the harvesting and collecting country or area.


What’s worth noticing is that in respect of mushrooms, bamboo shoots, prunes, plums and daylilies, their origin maintains being determined by the harvesting or collecting country/area despite the fact that their first 6 digits of the Customs Tariff code are changed, or their major manufacturing process is completed or their added value rate is over 35% after further processing in the second country/area. Moreover, the imported mushrooms and garlic from Asia should undergo inspection batch by batch and be forwarded to Council of Agriculture for origin identification.


To protect domestic agriculture, the above-mentioned nine agricultural products are classified as controlled goods and not allowed to be imported into Taiwan from Mainland China. The importers declaring incorrect country of origin will be subject to penalties including confiscation of goods and fines not exceeding three times the value of the goods based on Customs Anti-smuggling Act. Keelung Customs urges that importers should declare the origin of goods correctly to comply with the regulations.

  • Publish Date:2018-11-08
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