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Kaohsiung Customs Detects Radiation-Polluted Import Container to Protect Public Health in Effect

Kaohsiung Customs Non-Intrusive Inspection Division (NII Division) officers accompanied Atomic Energy Council (AEC)’s Radiation Monitoring Center personnel to open a container from Yokohama, Japan on April 19. High radiation levels had been detected.
The Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) raised an alarm when scanning the container. After second inspection, the NII Division officers had confirmed the high level Cs-137 radioactive material in the container and notified the authority AEC for a further inspection.
The experts found a radiation contaminated hoist base with the surface radiation dose rate 1.54µSv/hr, far above the standard 0.2µSv/hr set by AEC.
According to AEC regulation, the container was shipped back to Japan.
To deter, detect, and interdict illicit trafficking of special nuclear and other radioactive materials in the global maritime system, Kaohsiung Customs has installed 38 RPMs and 2 Spectroscopic Portal Monitors (SPMs) in Kaohsiung harbor under Megaports Initiative. The timely seizure of this case protected public health in effect.

Contact Information: Mr. TSENG HSIN YI
Telephone: +886-7-5628219

  • Publish Date:2013-04-30
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