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Keelung Customs accepting applications from autonomously-managed businesses for 2016 Outstanding Personnel Prize

To inspire personnel employed by autonomously-managed businesses, including import/export warehouses, container yards, bonded warehouses, logistics centers and other Customs-approved autonomously-managed businesses, Keelung Customs is accepting applications for 2016 Outstanding Personnel Prize until March 31st, 2017.

The Customs welcomes the existing personnel who meet the following requirements to file their applications by themselves or through their autonomously-managed businesses:
1.Have worked in Customs-approved autonomously-managed businesses for at least 3 years continuously.
2.Have not violated any Customs laws and related regulations over the past year.
3.Have implemented autonomously-managed items successfully, and notified the Customs immediately when situations listed in the Article 10 of “Regulations Governing the Autonomously- Managed Operations of Warehouses, Container Yards, Bonded Warehouses, Logistics Centers and other Customs-approved Autonomously-managed Businesses” occurred in the previous 3 years.

Keelung Customs also indicates that application forms can be downloaded at http://keelung.customs.gov.tw. Every qualified applicant will receive a written notification and be awarded in public. For further information, please contact Mr. Ko, Head of Warehouse Subsection, tel: 886-24202951#1213.

  • Publish Date:2017-03-07
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