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Keelung Customs Holds an Inter-agency Workshop to Enhance Anti-smuggling Operations

431716465271.jpgTo gear up for further fighting against illicit trafficking of narcotics, cigarettes, alcohols, medicines, tainted food and the like contraband goods, Keelung Customs held an inter-agency workshop on March 10, 2014 at the Customs’ auditorium. Presided over by Keelung Customs Director Liao Chao-hsiang, the workshop was attended by 55 representatives from various Customs-related government agencies at the Port of Keelung, including Keelung Harbor Police Department, Keelung Station of Marine Affairs Field Office, Maritime Patrol Directorate General of Coast Guard Administration, Keelung City Police Bureau, Keelung City Station of Investigation Bureau, North Coast Guard Bureau, the First Corp of the Third Special Police Corp of National Police Agency, National Immigration Agency, Council of Agriculture, etc.

Director Liao said that smuggling prevention is a shared responsibility among CIQS (Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Security) agencies at borders, and that only through seamless collaboration among these agencies can we fight against smuggling activities at borders more effectively. He stressed that the objectives of holding this workshop were to reflect on the past and make plans for the future, as well as share experiences with one another so as to combat smuggling activities more efficaciously.

At the meeting, various topics of mutual concern were fully discussed, including enhancement of inter-agency communication and collaboration, reinforcement of the security at the Port of Keelung, computerization of security control at the entrances and exits in the harbor area, and the issues regarding fishing boats’ illegal transportation of export goods, etc.

With the trends of globalization and facilitation, the Customs is faced with mounting challenges in dealing with problems resulting from ever increasing international trade, while Customs has downsized its staff. Director Liao concluded that in order to meet these challenges, Keelung Customs will continue to modernize its enforcement operations as well as enhance its collaboration with other government agencies, among others, the exchange of smuggling intelligence and related information, so as to intensify border control operations and enhance national security.

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  • Publish Date:2014-03-17
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