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Taichung Customs Invites Traders to Visit the Customs

In order to enhance the partnership between the Customs and its stakeholders, Taichung Customs invited importers and exporters to the Customs for a “One-day Visit” on October 22, 2013. It was the second time of its kind held by Taichung Customs this year and attended by 56 people from the trading community in Taiwan.

During the process, the Customs first briefed the participants on the import and export clearance procedures, and then Customs officers escorted the visitors to the non-intrusive inspection (NII) station to observe the Customs’ mobile X-ray container inspection operations and the RFID E-seal system.

In addition, all of the participants attended a workshop presided over by Deputy Director Lai, in which various topics of mutual concern were discussed. Taichung Customs said that it would take into consideration all the suggestions proposed by the traders for further improvement of the clearance operations.

Director Hsieh pointed out that Taichung Customs will strive to streamline its clearance formalities so as to create a barrier-free clearance environment. In the meantime, he especially expressed his appreciation to the traders for their long-term support, and said that Taichung Customs will continue to improve its efficiency and upgrade its service quality, so as to live up to the Customs’ vision of “service, facilitation, security and integrity.”

News Contact: Mr. Cheng
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  • Publish Date:2013-11-19
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