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Taichung Customs Intercepts 3.9 Tons of Undeclared Mushroom Hidden in Imported Wooden Tables

Taichung Customs busted 3.9 tons of shredded mushroom illegally imported from China to Taiwan on June 25, 2013, without receiving any tip-off beforehand. The smuggled goods were packed in 240 boxes and hidden in 21 large wooden conference tables in one of the four 20-ft containers imported by a trading company in Taipei City. Declared as furniture made in China, this shipment was singled out by the Customs’ risk management-based Expert System for X-ray inspection. As the images of the container scanned by the X-ray inspection machine were dubious, Customs officers thus unstuffed the containers and found the underclared mushrooms with a market value of about NT$ 3 million.

Taichung Customs further indicated that mushrooms are currently classified as controlled goods that are prohibited from being imported into Taiwan from China to protect the interests of local farmers. However, due to the fact that mushrooms are in big demand in Taiwan market and the fact that mushrooms growing in China are much cheaper than those cultivated in Taiwan, it is highly lucrative to smuggle mushrooms from China to Taiwan.

As Taiwan Customs has stepped up efforts to crack down on smuggling activities by exchanging information with foreign Customs administratrions and adopting advanced inspection instruments, Director of Taichung Customs thus unged the public not to defy the law. He also encouraged the general public to offer smuggling information to the Customs through the toll-free hotlines at 0800-461201 or 0800-461203.
News Contact: Mr. Cheng
Tel: 04-25323594 #18

  • Publish Date:2013-08-01
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