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The Launch of Self-Provided Bonded Warehouse of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Company Ltd. and the Opening Ceremony

61025102171.jpgTaichung Customs (TCC) announced that Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Company Ltd had been permitted to establish a self-provided bonded warehouse. On October 18, 2016, Director Chen, I-Tsai of TCC led customs officers paying a visit to Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Company Ltd to deal with the issues about business supervision and control. Moreover, Director Chen, I-Tsai of TCC, together with President Eckart Mayer and General Manager Johnson Tseng of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Company Ltd jointly hosted the opening ceremony.

During the ceremony, President Eckart Mayer announced that the self-provided bonded warehouse would ensure that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are stored with more appropriate care, protected from the weather, and would preserve the high quality of these vehicles, while reducing the operational costs. Furthermore, he not only highly appreciated the guidance and help provided by TCC, but also expressed his wish for the continued assistance from TCC, which will make this bonded warehouse run smoothly. TCC believes that this successful establishment of self-provided bonded warehouse by Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Company Ltd will prompt other companies to invest more and expand their business at Taichung Port.

Director Chen, I-Tsai of TCC announced that the self-provided bonded warehouse of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Company Ltd. was not only the first bonded warehouse for vehicles built and located off the restricted area, but also the first one to store classic cars imported into Taiwan. To monitor and ensure the security of cars onward conveyance from the port, TCC has designed a specific cutting-edge control mechanism. Thanks to this unprecedented cooperation between TCC and Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Company Ltd, it has been possible to establish a practice which fully complies with all relevant regulations. In conclusion, the launch of this self-provided bonded warehouse has underlined the company’s commitment to promoting its sales in Taiwan and improving service quality. Additionally, it symbolized TCC’s endeavors to improve their services to the public and strengthen the trade development.

Taichung Customs has further elaborated on the bonded warehouse, which is designated for bonded goods storage. Goods imported and placed in such a place are temporarily free from duty. Importers can either file declarations paying for the duty or have the bonded goods re-exported within a certain period. This measure could effectively reduce the operating capital, making the most of a company's funds. Moreover, the 24-hours customs clearance service facilitates companies' logistics and enhances national competitiveness. TCC welcomes all inquiries and questions on bonded warehouse business by enterprises from any sector.

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  • Publish Date:2016-10-25
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