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Customs service counter in Airport MRT line’s A1 Station is to be opened on Feb.16

The Customs service counter located in A1 Station (Taipei Main Station) on Taoyuan Airport MRT line is ready to accept declarations of articles carried by outbound passengers from Feb. 16, 2017, according to Taipei Customs, Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance (MOF). However, articles applicable to the “in-town declaration” facility are limited to the following categories: CARNET and bonded goods, currencies registration, CITES products, and domestic goods destined for exhibitions overseas¸ whereas goods falling into the first category must be packed in checked baggage , further explained by Taipei Customs.
To provide more convenience for foreign travelers, the MOF has entrusted Chung Hwa Telecom Co., Ltd to set up several automatic tax refund Kiosks and a tax refund counter, which are either close to or neighboring the Customs service counter. They are deployed to facilitate the tax-refund operation for small transactions, of which the amount should be no more than NTD 24,000 (tax included), added by Taipei Customs.
As it is necessary to spare enough time to make Customs declarations and complete check-in procedures, passengers are advised to arrive at A1 Station at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure times of their flights. Passengers are also encouraged to contact the Customs service counter in A1 Station, if further information is needed.
Customs Service Hour at A1 Station:
-08:00AM ~ 16:00PM (Feb. 16 ~ Mar. 1, 2017 )
-06:00AM ~ 21:30PM (Mar. 2, 2017 ~)
Customs helpline at A1 Station:
Taipei Customs website:

  • Publish Date:2017-02-15
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