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Keelung Customs Holds a Meeting to Communicate with Customs Brokerage Industry

On September 24, 2014, Keelung Customs held a meeting with the Customs brokerage industry under its jurisdiction to solicit suggestions and promote integrity among personnel dealing with cargo clearance. Presided over by Deputy Director Yung-Hsiang Shen, the meeting was attended by representatives from Customs Broker Associations in Keelung City, Yilan County and Hualien County as well as Keelung Customs Brokers Union. It was an optimum occasion for exchanging views between the Customs and its stakeholders.

Besides sharing ideas on various commonly concerned topics, Keelung Customs also took this opportunity to ensure its stakeholders the Customs’ commitment to maintain quality clearance environment and uphold business ethics in the customs broker community. Other issues discussed in the meeting include the importance of trade statistics, amendments to procedures for warehousing permit application, refund of the deposit for specific containers imported overseas and the notification of waiver of physical examination of import goods.

Keelung Customs stressed that it will continue to hold this kind of meetings with its stakeholders regularly to facilitate the two-way communication and further rationalize Customs formalities. On the other hand, the Customs will continue to visit relevant associations or groups from time to time so as to gain further insights into its stakeholders’ needs. All suggestions and questions received will serve as reference for policy making accordingly.

News Contact: Mr. Hsu
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  • Publish Date:2014-10-15
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