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Passengers are kindly reminded to declare to Customs for tobacco or alcohol over the free allowances

Taichung Customs pointed out that passengers arriving in Taiwan with tobacco and alcohol should be aware of the duty-free allowances and the rules on whether to make Customs declarations. Current allowances for alcohol is one liter, regardless of the number of bottles; and for tobacco products are 200 cigarettes, 25 cigars or one pound of tobacco. However passengers of age below 20 are not entitled to above-mentioned duty concessions.

Inbound travelers carrying tobacco or alcohol more than any of the above-mentioned thresholds have to make a written declaration to Customs and thus choose the red channel for entry. The items in excess of the aforesaid quantity limits are subject to import duties and taxes at the rates applicable to their commercial imports. However, if more than five liters of alcohol, or more than five cartons of cigarette (1,000 cigarettes) , 125 cigars or five pound of tobacco are being brought in by a passenger, these goods will not be released except as warranted by an import permit from the Ministry of Finance, further stressed by Taichung Customs

If it is found that an incoming passenger with tobacco and alcohol exceeding the duty-free quantities failed to make a declaration, all the tobacco and alcohol over the duty-free limits will be confiscated and the passenger concerned will be fined. The amounts of fines to be imposed are:
 NT$500 per carton of cigarette;
 NT$3,000 per pound of tobacco;
 NT$4,000 per 25 cigars; and
 NT$2,000 per liter of alcohol.

As a failure to declare tobacco and alcohol in excess of the duty-free allowances may well result in penalties, all inward passengers are urged to pay close attention to the above information. Travelers are also welcome to contact Taichung Customs at (0800-461-202) if they have any questions in relation to passenger clearance.
News Contact: Mr. Ho
Tel: 04-26565101 #149

  • Publish Date:2014-10-28
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