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Kaohsiung Customs Confiscates 1,350kg of Dried Mushrooms Carried by Inbound Passengers Traveling via Mini-Three-Links

According to Kaohsiung Customs, the demand for dried mushrooms has risen sharply as the Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner. It was found that a few passengers traveling between Kinmen, Taiwan and Xiamen, mainland China via the Mini-Three-Links were tempted to carry mushrooms in excess of 1 kilogram from Mainland China into Taiwan.  Having been broken into small packages by the passengers, a total of 1,350 kilograms of dried mushrooms were confiscated by Customs officers in Kinmen in the past three months.

Kinmen and Xiamen are located in close proximity to each other. Given the frequent ferry trips and low fares, lots of people often travel to and fro between the two locations for shopping. The dramatic difference in prices of dried mushrooms between the two destinations has even made dealing in dried mushrooms highly lucrative. A few travelers with ulterior motives were found to have tempted passengers into carrying dried mushrooms into Kinmen. The dried mushrooms in small packs would then be collected, compiled and resold for profits, constituting an act of smuggling in disguise.

In accordance with current regulations, each inbound passenger traveling via the Mini-Three-Links is allowed to bring only 1 kilogram of dried mushrooms from mainland China for his or her own use. Those compiling and reselling the goods shall be penalized pursuant to the Customs Anti-Smuggling Act. The dried mushrooms brought in excess of the prescribed limit shall be confiscated. Additionally, any person who gets paid for carrying dried mushrooms into the country shall be imposed with a fine of no more than NT$90,000. Kaohsiung Customs calls on passengers not to violate the said regulations so as to avoid any penalties.


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  • Publish Date:2019-08-22
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