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By Using the X-ray Equipment, Taichung Customs Seized Smuggled Rice

Taichung Customs (TCC) claimed, on May 12 without any tip-off information, a number of containers imported from Cambodia were targeted and scanned under risk management mechanism. The original description of good was declared as Non-GMO Corn (feed grade) and weighted 100,413 kilograms, but after x-ray scanning the image shown areas of abnormalities.
Via further inspection, besides of the goods original declared 400 bags of rice weighted up to 10,000 kilograms were discovered and the market price was about 500,000 NTD. The rice was detained on the spot and dealt with in accordance with the law by TCC.
In this case, the importer discretely concealed the 400 bags of rice in 4 containers and covered with the corn that original declared to avoid physical examination but still got caught by the assistance of x-ray equipment and careful image interpretation of customs officers.
TCC emphasizes that agricultural products are always the focus of anti-smuggling operation, but the smuggler covets the low price and high profit of the foreign rice, ignores the farmers’ hard work and the government’s quarantine measures, and then tries to smuggle the rice without health authorities’ inspection; once the smuggled foreign rice enters the market, it will influence the farmers’ livelihoods and the public health.
TCC calls on all importers to declare honestly and pay the duties according to the law, and TCC will use risk management mechanism to guard the border strictly thereby importers should not take any chances so as not to conflict with the law.

News Contact: Mr. Cheng
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  • Publish Date:2014-07-21
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