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Taichung Customs is well prepared for increasing workload on passenger clearance

According to Taichung Customs , it is expected that, by the end of 2014, the number of passengers passing through Taichung Airport will reach 1,263,600 – a 30% growth compared to 2013.
The significant increase of travelers is mainly reflecting the positive effect brought about by the inauguration of a new international terminal in Taichung Airport, which has been put into use since May 2013. Before then, Taichung Airport only had direct connections with 15 overseas destinations, but to date the Airport already has flights to and from 25 Asian cities, explained by Taichung Customs.
Taichung Customs pointed out that, to process the increasing number of passengers efficiently and effectively, this agency has allocated two dual-view X-ray baggage inspection machines and set up a customized tourist center. The latter offers services of tourist information, VAT refund, clearance of protected species, claim of retained baggage, as well as the registration of gold, foreign currencies, securities, and bonded factory export samples to be carried out of taiwan.
Among the above-mentional services, the VAT refunds service have proved to be the most popular and heavily used by foreign travelers. In 2013, 8,465 passengers applied for refund, with a total amout of 16,945,336 NTD. These figures had already risen to 13,696 passengers with 21,022,307 NTD respectively by the end of September 2014,further added by Taichung Customs.
Taichung Customs finally stressed:“to help Taichung Airport accomplish its goal of transforming into a world-class airport in the near future,we are committed to maintaining responsive and high quality services to passengers. ”

News Contact: Mr. Cheng
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  • Publish Date:2014-10-13
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