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Online Customs Clearance for Export Transportation Means Saves Time and Cost

In order to facilitate export customs clearance, Keelung Customs offers Online Customs Clearance Service for export vessels. Transportation business operators can use Corporate Certificate or authorized Citizen Digital Certificate to apply for export clearance through the CPT Single Window website instead of going to Customs offices in person.

Keelung Customs points out, according to Article 43 of the Regulations Governing the Management of Import/Export Clearance for Transportation means, business operators who do not use online customs clearance services should provide paper documents, including Customs Clearance Application, Export Container/Cargo Loading List, Outbound and Transit Passenger Manifest, Departure Onboard Service Crew Manifest, Quarantine Permit, and Receipt of Navigation Aid Charge, which costs a lot of time and manpower for both business operators and the Customs.

Keelung Customs therefore urges business operators to take full advantage of online clearance service, which not only achieves paperless policy goals of the government, but also enhances Customs clearance efficiency for export vessels. For further information regarding online Customs clearance for export transportation means, please contact the Customs' Inspection Division at 886-2-24202951 ext. 1149.

  • Publish Date:2017-03-30
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