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Hand-Over Ceremony for New Director of Kaohsiung Customs

42271453271.jpgThe hand-over ceremony was held on the afternoon of January 16th, 2014 at Kaohsiung Customs’ Auditorium. David S. L. Huang(黃宋龍) was sworn in as Director of Kaohsiung Customs, succeeding Shun-Zan Chow(周順然) who was promoted to Deputy Director General of Customs Administration. The ceremony was overseen by newly-promoted Director General of Customs Administration Robin, Ping Jao(饒平)and witnessed by Minister Without Portfolio, Executive Yuan Chiu-Hsing Yang(楊秋興), President of Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd. Ding-Xun Xiao(蕭丁訓)and distinguished guests from various Customs-related associations and organizations.
Director General Jao, in his speech, indicated that Free Economic Pilot Zone Project was one of the biggest Customs reforms in the recent 40 years. It included the full stream of service and production, electronic account books, remote audit, classification management, on-site inspection and so on. In addition, the urging establishment of Sea Express Consignment Zone and Multiple-nation Container/Cargo Consolidation Zones would pave the way for Taiwan joining Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership(RCEP). Customs should especially appreciate assistance and promotion regarding Free Economic Pilot Zone and Megaports Initiative from Executive Yuan and Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd. Customs was part of the supply chains, who took on the responsibilities to integrate resources from the relevant sectors into the Customs-related fields.
In the ceremony, the newly-promoted Deputy Director General Shun-Zan Chow acknowledged Kaohsiung Customs officers for their hard working and excellent performance in seizure and anti-smuggling. At the same time, he expressed his gratitude in supports from Customs agents, unions and related organizations. He also said how to better streamline the manual cargo examination, a future goal, was crucial in transparency and facilitation of Customs Declaration.
Director Huang started his career in Customs as a junior officer in 1974. He has been serving Customs for more than 40 years. He was promoted to Deputy Director of Keelung Customs, Director of Customs Administration, Chief Secretary and Branch Chief of Kaohsiung Customs during his career. Director Huang possessed various administrative experiences and accomplished many achievements. He also won the Model Customs Officer Award in 1994.
Director Huang highlighted the following guidelines for Kaohsiung Customs to follow so as to create a more favorable environment for Customs declaration and to provide the quality service to the business sectors and the general public.
1.Build up one non-bribery environment for Customs declaration.
2.Streamline Customs procedures for security and facilitation.
3.Modernize/innovate Customs procedures in Free Economic Pilot Zone.
4.Rationalize Customs regulations and enhance serice quality provided by Customs officers.
5.Strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation with Customs-related associations and organizations inside/outside country.

News contact: Ms. Tsai

  • Publish Date:2014-01-20
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