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Keelung Customs Provides Mobile and Efficient Clearance Services for Growing Taipei Port

Due to its large hinterland and closeness to Taoyuan Airport, Taipei Port is developed by the Taiwan government as a crucial terminal base for ocean-going ships, aiming to enhance the convenience of sea-air transport as well as to promote industrial logistics. Last year (2016), Taipei Port’s container handling volume reached its new record of 1.47 million TEU, and the number of import and export declarations also increased with a growth rate of 15.81% in imports and a 45.46% in exports. Likewise, Taipei Port’s customs revenue, including customs duties and taxes levied by the Customs (on behalf of other government agencies), reached approximately NT$57.4 billion. As NT$24.3 billion has been collected from January to May this year, it is clear that Taipei Port has continued to grow in recent years.

In addition, to deal with cargo throughput rising from thriving online business, intelligent production, and small business models, the Taipei Port Container Terminal Corp. has constructed a new CFS (container freight station) warehouse, which has been approved by Keelung Customs on May 2, this year. The volume of cargos in Taipei Port is expected to significantly increase after this new CFS warehouse is officially put into operation.

Keelung Customs expresses that its Taipei Harbor Station in Taipei Port bears various kinds of tasks, including supervising container distribution, maritime express consignments, passengers’ luggage, sea cargos, cold chain logistics, free trade zone, Multi-country Cargo Consolidation (MCC), and refunding commodity tax for exported used cars, etc. Therefore, the growth of Taipei Port will surely pose an enormous challenge to Customs’ current staff. Keelung Customs says that it will strategically adjust its manpower depending on the need of operation, and cooperate more deeply with concerned authorities to ensure a facilitated and advanced customs clearance environment for all relevant industries.

  • Publish Date:2017-08-14
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