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Customs Greatly Helped Usher in a New Era for Taiwans MCC Service

51027902771.jpgThe Multi-country Consolidation (MCC for short) service was formally launched in Keelung Port. This (important) message was clearly conveyed to the public at a grand inauguration ceremony held in the auditorium of Keelung Customs on October 14, 2015. There were more than 160 guests attended that event, including many heavyweights like Deputy Ministers of Ministry of Finance, of Ministry of Transportation and Communication, and of National Development Council, the Mayor of Keelung City, and several well-known legislators.

The ceremony began with a lively and eye-catching Chinese lion dance and drumming performance, followed by the remarks delivered by Mr. Chang Fan, Deputy Minister of Finance. He pointed out the contribution made by Customs was indispensable in putting MCC services into practice in Keelung port. Furthermore, by easing MCC-related rules and simplifying transit procedures, Customs authorities had helped create a favorable business environment for MCC services in Taiwan. This would greatly facilitate the extension of the services to any other major ports on the island. Mr. Chang added that, with such a user-friendly environment and its geographical advantages, Taiwan had tremendous potential to become a regional hub for the MCC service in East Asia.

After few more congratulatory remarks, representatives from MCC-related industries and the public sector gathered around and collectively lighted up a glaring globe, symbolizing the official launching of MCC services in Keelung Port. At the same time all attendees witnessed from screens the live broadcast of the pioneering MCC cargo processing carried out within the premises of TK Logistics International Corporation located in the harbor area.

Before the closing of the ceremony, a Letter of Intent for concerted efforts to promote MCC services in the area around Keelung was signed by the heads of Customs Office and Port Authority, together with leaders of businesses who had shown high level of interest in this new logistic model. Through such a strengthened partnership between the private and public sector, it was convinced that the prospects for MCC services in Keelung would be highly promising. This would benefit all stakeholders such as shipping companies, freight forwarders, warehouse operators and stevedoring industry, and in turn considerably contribute to the renovation of Keelung Port.

For detailed information about Customs procedures for MCC services, please click the Multi-Country Consolidation (MCC) button on Keelung Customs website homepage (http://keelung.customs.gov.tw). For further consultations, please contact the MCC team of Warehouse Division at (02) 2420-2951 ext. 1213/ 1232.

News contact: Miss Hsieh
Tel: (02)24202951 ext.6111

  • Publish Date:2015-10-27
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