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Keelung Customs calls for compliance with EPA regulations when importing industrial waste used as raw materials

For the past few months, Keelung Customs has seized several cases of silicon wafers, metal slag and other industrial waste declared as industrial raw materials when imported but later assessed as industrial waste by the Environmental Protection Administration(EPA) and thus violating  the Waste Disposal Act. Keelung Customs calls on industrial waste importers to comply with the relevant laws and regulations as failure to do so can result in heavy fines.       

According to Article 38 of Waste Disposal Act, the import, export, transit and transshipment of industrial waste may commence only after receipt of permission granted by the special municipality, county or city competent authority; for hazardous industrial waste, additional approval from the central competent authority is necessary. However, this provision shall not apply to industrial waste used as industrial raw material as officially announced by the central competent authority.


 In addition, based on the “Management Regulations for the Import and Export of Industrial Waste” pursuant to the aforementioned Article 38, when there is a failure to apply for a permit in accordance with these Regulations, or an unauthorized import of hazardous waste or general industrial waste, or when waste that been approved for import has reached an open port of the Republic of China but for some reason cannot be imported or has not been claimed, the recipient, holder of the cargo, or the carrier shall re-export such waste within 30 days of receiving notification. From Jan. 18, 2017, importation of waste without permission from the EPA will result in a fine between $60,000 and 10 million NTD according to Article 53 of Waste Disposal Act.


Keelung Customs suggests that companies provide relevant information of import goods to EPA and consult with EPA before importing industrial waste used as raw materials to speed up import clearance and to avoid possible disputes. For further information, please visit EPA website at http://waste.epa.gov.tw, or call the toll-free number: 0800-059777.






Industrial Waste, Waste Silicon Materials, Metal Slag, Single Metal Scrap

  • Publish Date:2017-09-28
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