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Handing Over Ceremony for Director of Kaohsiung Customs Held on Jan. 16th 2015

522516581371.jpgDeputy Director General Chou(周) from Customs Administration came in person to Kaohsiung hosting the ceremony and inauguration. Director Huang Song-Lung(黃宋龍)retired and the post was taken over by Hsieh Lien-Chi(謝連吉), Director of Taichung Customs. Several government institutions attended including Southern Taiwan Joint Services of Executive Yuan, Kaohsiung Harbor Police Department, Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Bureau of Foreign Trade (Kaohsiung Office), Marine Affairs Field Office(Kaohsiung Station), Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (Kaohsiung Branch, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan), and Kaohsiung City Field Office. Other than that, nearly around 50 associations and representatives from the related fields attended.

Deputy Director General Chou, on behalf of Director General, firstly indicated in his speech that unselfish contribution from Director Huang for more than 40 years would be highly appreciated; furthermore, Director Huang’s impeccable performance in anti-smuggling operation stood out his dedication to the Customs. Besides, the newly-appointed Director Hsieh possessed fantastic capability of communication and coordination in the field of boundary management to cooperate with the associated institutions. It would be highly expected that Director Hsieh was able to improve the operations of Customs clearances and maintain his fabulous records.

Kaohsiung Customs pointed out that the newly-appointed Director Hsieh Lien-Chi(謝連吉) graduated from Department of Electronic Engineering of Chung Yuan University and used to be the lecturer of Kun Shan University. It has been around 40 years since Director Hsieh had joined Customs back in 1977. Director Hsieh started his Customs career as a junior officer, experiencing in working at four Customs organizations (Customs Administration, Keelung, Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung Customs) and many vital posts such as Chief of Information Management office of Kaohsiung Customs, Deputy Director of Collection and Procedures Department, Director of Information Management Department and Director of Taichung Customs. With the diversified office and field work training, Director Hsieh has developed into possessing extensive administrative experiences and being familiar with regulations and acts of Customs. Director Hsieh had excellent performance during his term of service and received countless awards. He promoted 「CPT Single Window and Advance Cargo Information System」 when serving as Director of Information Management Department, and was accredited twice as “Outstanding Customs Officer”. Moreover, Kaohsiung Customs mentioned that all staffs of Kaohsiung Customs feel confident and expect Director Hsieh’s guidance. In addition, Director Hsieh sincerely vowed that he would do his best to provide the stakeholders and general public with more secure, convenient and integrated service in Customs clearances on a sustainable basis.

The newly-appointed Director Hsieh expressed his gratitude for the good foundation set up by the former Director Huang, and he would endeavor to optimize Customs clearances. Director Hsieh expected to focus on operations towards transparency, standardization as well as informatization. To foster and facilitate the prosperity of Kaohsiung harbor areas, the successor is also looking forward to pushing for various businesses through horizontal alliances and continuous collaboration with the stakeholders and business sectors.

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  • Publish Date:2015-01-21
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