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Inward passengers having alcohol in unaccompanied luggage shall take note of the related duty exemption and certification exemption provisions to accelerate the customs clearance

Keelung Customs points out that if inward passengers have unaccompanied luggage coming into Taiwan after arrival, please do declare the quantity and the principal contents of such luggage in the R.O.C. customs declaration form presented during their entry. If such form is not submitted at the time of passengers' entry, the import of the unaccompanied luggage shall be subject to the customs clearance procedure for regular import cargos, as a result, the passengers may not enjoy the duty exemption and certification exemption provisions as specified in the Regulations Governing the Declaration, Inspection, Duty and Release of Personal Luggage or Goods of Inward Passengers.

Keelung Customs further reminds that the unaccompanied luggage shall be imported within 6 months from the day following the date of inward passengers' entry. The import declaration of such luggage shall be applied for clearance within 15 days following the arrival date of the vessel carrying the unaccompanied luggage. A late fee of NT$200 per day shall be levied when the 15-day period has expired.

If the unaccompanied luggage contains alcohol, Keelung Customs stresses that the passenger should pay extra attention to the alcohol quantity limits as follows:
1.1 liter is duty-free; 2-5 liters are allowed but the tax shall be paid to be released.
2.Only 1 liter is allowed if it falls in the categories of controlled China alcoholic products.
3.For the quantity over 5 liters, a certificate issued by the National Treasury Administration, Ministry of Finance, is required; without such certificate, the passenger may face penalties specified in Article 6 and 45II of the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act.

Keelung Customs highlights that only when the total amount of alcohol declared by ONE person does not exceed 5 liters, may the importation be deemed as personal use and therefore exempted from presenting the certificate. For passengers who travel with their families and have alcohol in their unaccompanied luggage, it is suggested that their declarations be separated to avoid breaching the above restrictions.

If there is any doubt regarding declaration of their luggage, passengers should pass through the red line counter to make a complete declaration when entering Taiwan; as for declaration of unaccompanied luggage, please consult with the customs officers at the port of entry. For more details, please visit the website of Keelung Customs at http://keelung.customs.gov.tw.

  • Publish Date:2017-05-25
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