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Keelung Customs to hold 2018 Customs Clearance Agent Seminars in Oct. and Nov.

On October 23rd and November 14th afternoon, Keelung Customs is going to hold three seminars for the customs clearance agents in the auditorium on the 4th floor of Keelung Customs’ head office. Customs brokers who receive the notice should ask their customs clearance agent to attend on time.

Keelung Customs says that in order to enhance the customs brokers’ knowledge of the latest customs-related laws or regulations as well as to improve the efficiency and quality of import and export declarations, the customs clearance agents are requested to participate in these further training seminars. Each seminar will introduce export customs clearance practices and the latest amendments to the Customs Anti-smuggling Act and Customs Act. In addition, experienced officers from the Environmental and Toxicology Bureau and the Agency Against Corruption will be invited to talk about relevant provisions of the Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act and the integrity of the ethics specification respectively.

Keelung Customs further states that according to Article 20 of Regulations Governing the Establishment and Management of Customs Brokers, the customs clearance agent receiving a notification letter from the customs authorities to attend the further education seminars organized for customs clearance agent by the customs office or its authorized independent establishment, is required to comply with such request unless otherwise excused for valid reasons. If a customs clearance agent violates the aforementioned provision, the customs authority will issue a warning and require the customs clearance agent of necessary improvements within a given deadline, or impose a penalty fine, depending on the gravity of the offense.

Meanwhile, the Operational Directions Governing Application by Customs Brokers for the Lowering the Examination Rate of Goods also stipulate that one of the qualifications for a customs broker to apply for the reduction in the inspection rate of goods is the employed customs clearance agents attend the scheduled seminars. Therefore, to improve business reputation and avoid punishments, customs brokers are urged to follow the above regulations, and file applications for alteration or absent leave in advance when needed. For more information, please contact Keelung Customs Export Division Telephone: 02-24202951 ext. 5315 Miss Chen.

  • Publish Date:2018-09-12
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