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Kaohsiung Customs and Aviation Police Office Seize Suspected Heroin in Traveler’s Luggage

Kaohsiung Customs, the Customs Administration and Aviation Office Kaohsiung Branch, National Police Agency detected suspicious X-ray images by scanning a Japanese passenger’s check-in luggage on Jun 5. Twelve bricks of white powder tested as heroin were found hidden near the luggage drawbars. The case and the passenger were both turned over to Aviation Office for a further investigation.

During the interrogation, the passenger claimed that he was asked to carry these drugs to Taiwan by a stranger at a coffee shop in Bangkok and was told that he will get 5000 Tai baht per day in return. Upon arriving Taiwan, someone will contact him directly. The police agent tracked the source of the drugs and the consignee in Taiwan.

Kaohsiung Customs reminds the public that the penalty for drug offence would give death penalty or lifelong sentences and heavily be fined up to NT$20 million under the Narcotics Endangerment Prevention Act. The authorities are always vigilant in deterring the smuggling attempts.

Contact Information: Mr. TSENG HSIN YI
Telephone: +886-7-5628219
Cell phone: +886-910-752371

  • Publish Date:2013-06-11
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