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Kaohsiung Customs Seized about 12 Tons of Dried Mushrooms, Pork Tendons and Ham as Moon Festival Approaches

68301615871.jpgKaohsiung Customs officers were scanning manifests on August 23, 2016 when they found two 20”containers of goods imported from Hong Kong, declared as LED FIBER MODULES, were suspicious. They targeted these goods for inspection before they were transferred to a warehouse. After the inspection, Customs officers located about 3,635 kilograms of dried mushrooms, 5,382 kilograms of mushroom shreds, 1,000 kilograms of pork tendons, and 2,040 kilograms of ham in the containers, which were estimated to have a market value of about NT$10 million in total. These smuggled goods had neither been listed in the manifest nor in the shipping documents. All of the goods were seized pursuant to the law, and transferred to the authorities for further legal actions.

Kaohsiung Customs said that as the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the contrabandist was tempted to smuggle mushrooms, pork tendons and ham, which are urgently needed for the occasion. Mr. Arthur C.W. Yang, Director of Kaohsiung Customs, indicated that smuggled agricultural products which have not been quarantined might contain toxins harmful to human health. If these products are sold in the market, the health of the general public will be at jeopardy. To protect domestic agriculture and to ensure food safety for the people, the Customs has spared no effort in combating the prohibited goods, successfully stamping out the illegal activity.

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  • Publish Date:2016-08-30
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