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Taichung Customs Intercepts Undeclared Peanuts Hidden in Imported Camellia Seeds

Taichung Customs busted 9,330 Kgs of shelled peanuts illegally imported from China to Taiwan on January 22, 2014, without receiving any tip-off beforehand. With a total market value of about NT$ 1 million, this shipment of controlled goods was concealed in a container load of camellia seeds imported by a trading company in Yunlin County. Applying risk management techniques, the Customs singled out this container for manual inspection and discovered this illegal practice.

Shelled peanuts are currently classified as controlled goods that are prohibited from being imported from China to Taiwan. As importing shelled peanuts without getting approval from the competent authorities in advance violates the Smuggling Punishment Act, the goods are subject to confiscation and the importer will be punished accordingly as well.

Taichung Customs further indicated that because of higher demand for agricultural products before the Lunar New Year, smuggling agricultural produce from China to Taiwan is quite lucrative. Therefore, Taichung Customs has spared no efforts to crack down on smuggling of agricultural products, in particular before the Lunar New Year and other important festivals. Meanwhile, Director of Taichung Customs Xie Lain-Ji also urged traders to import agricultural produce through due process procedures so as to avoid losing money.

News Contact: Mr. Cheng
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  • Publish Date:2014-04-11
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