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Taiwan Customs Launches New-Generation Anti-drug Weapon: First Domestic Gantry-Mounted Cargo Inspection Machine Ever

In order to enforce the “New-generation Anti-drug Strategy” promoted by the government, the Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance purchased four sets of brand-new gantry-mounted cargo inspection machinery with high screening capabilities to eliminate contraband such as illicit drugs, firearms, and cigarettes. The first gantry-mounted cargo inspection machine would be officially put to use at Terminal 4 in Kaohsiung Harbor. As a celebration of its joining Customs’ workforce on inspection, an inauguration ceremony was held at the terminal on August 11, 2018. Mr. Ching-te Lai, Premier of the Executive Yuan, along with heads of some related inspection authorities, had been cordially invited to this event. Led by Minister Su of the Ministry of Finance, and Director-General Hsieh of the Customs Administration, supervisors of various levels declared war against illicit drugs officially, and received passionate responses from all the other participants, who swore commitment to exterminating illegal drugs with no efforts spared. This ceremony was completed at about 10:30 in the morning.


When delivering a speech, Premier Lai indicated that it is of utmost importance for the government to provide citizens with a safe living environment where they can lead a happy life. In order to reinforce the social security network, which is one of President Tsai’s major policies, the “New-generation Anti-drug Strategy” was adopted by the Executive Yuan in May 2017. Being a concerted effort joined by six authorities, including the Prosecutors Office, the Police Agency, the Investigation Bureau, the Coast Guard Administration, the Military Police Command, and the Customs Administration, the strategy is aimed at eradicating production, sale and transportation of illicit drugs, clearly demonstrating the government’s “zero tolerance” policy. Although the number of drug seizures has hit record highs repeatedly with everyone’s efforts, we should not be self-satisfied but work harder to achieve our ultimate goal of wiping out illegal drugs. Customs officers, who always dedicate themselves to their duties by working diligently to protect border security, were complimented and encouraged to keep up their great work. Meanwhile, Premier Lai also led the administrative team to declare war against illicit drugs again, making a public appeal for everyone’s efforts in mopping up narcotics, so that the whole world will know that Taiwan has nothing to do with illegal drug production, exportation or transportation.


The Customs Administration pointed out that the four sets of gantry-mounted cargo inspection machines had been purchased deliberately so as to deter drug abuse, strengthening the social security network. The machinery offers high-quality, dual-energy imaging for screening densely-packed cargo for threats and contraband, providing extremely thorough inspection of containers. The other three sets of machinery are expected to be installed at the 5th container yard of Kaohsiung Port, Taichung Customs and Keelung Customs respectively by the end of this year, and are supposed to join the anti-drug team when the time comes. Customs, making full use of risk management mechanisms, modernized X-ray inspection machines, and drug detector dogs, will always strive to intercept illicit substances at the border by inspecting various kinds of imported and exported cargoes conveyed by different means of transportation, as well as by inspecting inbound and outbound passengers. While sticking to the principle of streamlining clearance procedures and protecting border security effectively, Customs will fortify inspection capabilities at the border continuously in cooperation with law enforcement departments in order to tackle drug-related crimes. The public is encouraged to show their support for drug deterrence by reporting any suspected drug trafficking activities to the authorities (Toll-free number: 0800-003131).


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  • Publish Date:2018-08-13
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