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With Release of Iphone6, Kaohsiung Customs Reminds You Related Regulations

Due to the launch of brand new iphone6 and iphone6 plus, the global apple fans lined up overnight and rushed out to have them. Recently, Kaohsiung Customs officers found many citizens bring several new iphone6 back to Taiwan after trip and therefore, we have to remind passengers the regulations regarding hand-carried new cell phones.

According to the Article 18 of the Administrative Regulations on the Controlled Telecommunications Radio-Frequency Devices, those who import wireless TTE(wireless telecommunications terminal equipment) and LPD(Low-power Radio-frequency Devices) for self use should limit the quantity to 5sets by hand carry , and limit quantity to 2 sets by post. If people purchase more cell phones exceeding the aforementioned quantities either from overseas online shop or bring them into our country by hand carry, they are obligated to apply the import permit issued by the NCC (National Communications Commission) and then declare to Taiwan Customs while importation. Meanwhile, inward passengers carrying goods with value more than NT$20,000 have to fill out the ROC Customs declaration form and pass through the red line for Customs inspection. Besides, if the Customs value of imported parcel articles exceeds NT$3,000, the importers cannot enjoy duty exemption.

News contact: Ms. Tsai

  • Publish Date:2014-10-06
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