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Keelung Customs(基隆關)

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Taichung Customs Promoted Customs Clearance Regulations at Wu-chi Old Street Year-end Carnival

In order to bring the Customs closer to the public and to help people better understand the customs clearance regulations, Taichung Customs joined 2017 Wu-chi Old Street Year-end Carnival, held on Jan. 15, 2017, to promote customs clearance services. The Carnival was sponsored by Wu-Chi Town’s Art and Culture Association. Taichung Customs designed interesting quiz games and provided small gifts to help the participants understand the regulations of international post parcels declaration as well as inbound and outbound passengers declarations. Many local people attended bringing a lively and festive atmosphere to the Wu-chi Old Street Carnival.

Taichung Customs expressed that many people find customs clearance regulations complicated, especially as they are revised from time to time. In order to provide the public with immediate information about Customs’ regulations and services, Taichung Customs has established a Facebook fans page - Taichung Customs Service Fairy - to provide an interactive channel other than its formal official website. By joining Taichung Customs fans group, one can grasp the Customs’ hottest, detailed, information and customs clearance regulations dynamically through mobile devices. From time to time Taichung Customs also holds various Facebook campaigns, including quiz contests, about knowledge and information on customs clearances. It’s hoped that through the public participation and interactions on Facebook, the public can become more familiarized with regulations of declaration and have a closer relationship with the customs.

  • Publish Date:2017-01-25
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