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Taiwan Customs Detector Dog Teams Plays a Pivotal Role in Fighting Against Drug Trafficking

Following the establishment of Taiwan Customs Detector Dog Units in accordance with the Detector Dog Breading and Training Center Program approved by the Executive Yuan in March, 2008, the Customs Administration has actively proceeded with the training and breeding of detector dogs. After the Customs detector dog teams were deployed to field Customs at the end of 2012, a total of 15 drug-trafficking cases were seized by the Customs from January to May, 2013. The drugs seized include 220 grams of Cannabis, 582 kgs of Ketamine and 76 kgs of Amphetamine concealed in containers. Unbelievably, 277 boxes of bull pizzles, 1,041 kgs of mushrooms and 48 rounds of ammunition concealed in two imported containers were busted by a detector dog team. It is believed that these smuggled articles might have been packed by drug users.

In addition, a total of 202 kgs of Ketamine and Amphetamine concealed in a shipment of travel bags and ornaments were intercepted by Keelung Customs Detector Dog Unit earlier this year. With subsequent investigation by judicial authorities, similar concealment cases were found afterward, and about 150 kgs of Ketamine was intercepted before being transported to Taiwan. Moreover, 457 kgs of Ketamine concealed in 18 packages inside 640 packs of polyformaldehyde (POM) in a container was sniffed out by Taichung Customs detector dogs in early May, which was the most significant drug-trafficking case busted by Taiwan Customs in recent years.

To further fighting against drug trafficking, Taiwan Customs has established close cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign intelligence as well as investigation agencies. In the meantime, The Customs has endeavored to enhance its capabilities of drug detection by conducting various professional trainings, re-adjusting its detector dog team deployment plan, and adopting hi-tech equipment, so as to prevent the general public from being jeopardized by illegal drugs. For further information, please contact: +886-2-25505500 ext. 1505.

  • Publish Date:2013-07-04
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