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Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Smuggled Cigarettes Worth More than NT$30 Million

Having cracked multiple cases of smuggled tobacco, alcohol and agricultural products since the beginning of 2019, Kaohsiung Customs, Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance managed to seize another 40’ container full of smuggled cigarettes at Wharf No. 65 of Kaohsiung Port on June 21. An estimation indicated that there were a total of 1,418 cartons of cigarettes with a market value of more than NT$30 million.

According to Kaohsiung Customs, some officers were screening manifests when two transshipment containers, carried by the vessel “Messini” with Evergreen International Corp. acting as the shipping agency, were found to be suspicious and were targeted. Coming from Vietnam, these two containers were originally intended to be transshipped to China. After an inspection had been conducted, one of the containers was found to contain undeclared cigarettes, which were not in conformity with the commodity description (i.e. “Plastic Pallets”) shown in the manifest. As a result, this container of goods was detained as detailed by the Customs Anti-smuggling Act and The Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act.

Kaohsiung Customs further indicates that since public health and welfare dues on tobacco products, as well as tobacco and wine tax, have been raised to support long-term care expenses, bringing about significant increases in prices of cigarettes, smuggling tobacco products has therefore become even more lucrative. Smugglers always resort to various means and disguises, trying to make a fortune through fraudulent actions. It is emphasized that in order to ensure tax revenues for the country, as well as to protect the citizens’ health, customs authorities will enforce inspection constantly to prevent smuggled cigarettes from entering our territory. The strength and frequency of inspections will also be increased timely. The public is encouraged to report any suspected smuggling activities to customs by calling the toll-free number: 0800-711117.

Contact Person: Ms. Lock

Tel: +886-7-562-8201

  • Publish Date:2019-06-26
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