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Taiwan Customs hosted English Video Conference to promote customs officers’ knowledge about international affairs and communication skills

The Customs Administration expresses that Taichung Customs and Taipei Customs co-host the first English Video Conference on 21st June 2017, and invited colleagues from Customs Administration, Kaohsiung Customs and Keelung Customs to participate in this event. The Conference was conducted in English and all the participants enjoyed the meeting greatly.

Customs is a highly internationalized agency, and it is essential for customs officers to cultivate practical knowledge and communication skills in English. The Video Conference focused on current economic and trade issues comprising “Data Analysis in Risk Management: Singapore Customs' Experiences”, “Trends That Will Shape the Global Economy in 2017”, “Customs Innovation and Trade Facilitation Measures in Taiwan”, “Narcotics Enforcement”. The informative presentations and lively discussions provided the participants with a friendly access to comprehend the important issues of international affairs, enrich their professional knowledge and also enhance the ability to deal with complicated customs’ international affairs.

The Customs Administration further stated that, in order to incubate international customs affairs experts, in addition to organizing the English Video Conference, it also regularly collects newly published documents of WCO, WTO and APEC for translation and briefing to keep up with the trends of international economic development. Additionally, for the purpose of training customs officers to have a comprehensive knowledge, the Customs Administration set up a number of study groups this year, including the International Customs Affairs Study Group led by a senior official who has working experience in international organization. Participants in these training courses expressed that through the introduction and analysis of latest information on international affairs and the discussion, they have strengthened the ability to be in line with international customs practices. They also pointed out that they will pay more attention to international affairs to enrich the relevant knowledge, because these activities really broadened their horizons.

In the future, the Customs Administration will continue to find and train potential international personnel through various channels to help our country promoting economic and trade negotiations with other countries, enhancing the national competitiveness and international visibility.

  • Publish Date:2017-06-21
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