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Customs Announces Changes to Express Consignment Declaration System

Keelung Customs (KLC) just announced: “starting from April 16, 2020, a new "Computerized Logic-Check" mechanism will be implemented to screen out and possibly reject import declarations of which the importers’ real names have not been registered and valid powers of attorney (POAs) for declaring to Customs have not been given to their agents.“ So importers of express consignments are urged to, before the importation of the goods, register with the Customs for their identities and properly authorize the designated customs brokers to file entries for them.

KLC explained that a simplified declaration of express consignments (X2, X3) filed by any customs brokers who had not been exempted from presenting a POA on a case-by-case basis for acting on behalf of a non-registered consignee would still be accepted for the first filing. At the same time, however, an error message would be automatically sent back to the brokers concerned to remind them of notifying the principals to complete the above-mentioned registration and authorization process. Failing to comply would lead to rejections of subsequent filings made for the same recipient. Importers and brokers are advised to pay attention to such changes.

In order to mitigate the impact of introducing the said changes, Customs brokers are encouraged to check beforehand whether a particular consignee’s name has been registered with Customs. They may also log onto Trade-Van’s Real-name Authentication System to make sure if a particular consignee has had his/her real-name registered, or an error message has been received for an entry made under his/her name,” KLC further added.

For more information, any individuals who intend to import goods through an express clearance channel are welcome to contact CPT-SW at 0800-299-889 or Trade-Van at 0800-082-188.




  • Publish Date:2020-04-10
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