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Taiwan Customs and IPR Business Partnership Co-host Counterfeit and Pirated Product Identification Workshop in Kaohsiung

In order to reinforce IPR border enforcement and enhance Customs officers’ capabilities of identifying counterfeit and pirated products, the Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, and the IPR Business Partnership co-hosted the “2013 National Training Workshop on the Identification of Counterfeit and Pirated Products” in Kaohsiung on June 19-20, 2013.

Inclusive of public and private sectors, the IPR Business Partnership is an international forum dedicated to combating infringement of intellectual property rights. The forum invites various experts of brand protection to hold identification training programs around the world every year to arouse public awareness of the importance of IPR protection. This Workshop was especially held in Kaohsiung to allow more law enforcers in southern Taiwan to attend the capacity building program. Some 20 IPR protection experts at home and abroad were invited to illustrate the identification of 23 famous brands including ABERCROMBIE & FITCH, DOLBY, NEW ERA, CROPLIFE, IMPERIAL TOBACCO, NIKE, CONVERSE, PHILIPS, HDMI, BEIERSDORF AG, LACOSTE, LVMH, BOSE, SPI SPIRITS, NINTENDO, PUMA, PRADA, TOMMY HILFIGER, FITFLOP, MICROSOFT, CHANEL, SWISS WATCH FEDERATION and GLAXOSMITHKLINE, etc.

According to the Customs Administration, this Workshop was attended by over 100 participants, including Customs officers and representatives from Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office, Investigation Bureau of Ministry of Justice, Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, and Intellectual Property Rights Protection Police Force. This Workshop not only has enhanced officers’ capability in conducting IPR enforcement but it has also intensified the public-private partnership, which is of benefit to the betterment of IPR protection in Taiwan.

  • Publish Date:2013-07-04
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