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Keelung Customs Director Inspects the Passenger Clearance Operations for Cross-Strait Liner Hai Xia Hao’s First Trip to Taipei Port

310914563271.jpgKeelung Customs said high-speed passenger ship “Hai Xia Hao” made its first trip from Pingtan City, Fujian Province, Mainland China to Taipei Port in Taiwan on Oct. 9, 2013, with 240 passengers and 25 crew members on board. To facilitate passenger clearance, in addition to the 8 customs officers stationed at Taipei Port, a set of X-ray inspection instrument and two detector dog teams were deployed to process the luggage inspection operations. Passengers were deeply impressed with the Customs’ smooth and speedy operations.

The ceremony marking “Hai Xia Hao’s” first trip to Taipei Port was held in the Port in the morning of the same day. Not only was it the first time for the Taipei Port to provide passenger service, but it was also the first time to have a China-registered ship visiting the ports in northern Taiwan after the government opened the direct cross-strait transportation. With the close cooperation between the Customs and the Taiwan International Ports Corporation’s branch office at Taipei Port, the preparation and the facilities needed for passenger luggage inspection had completed before Hai Xia Hao called the Taipei Port.

To ensure high level of services to passengers, director of Keelung Customs, Ms. Ma, accompanied by chief of the Customs’ branch office at Taipei Port, Mr. Wu, also came to inspect the passenger clearance operations. Director Ma pointed out that though it was the first time for Customs officers stationed at the Taipei Port to process passenger clearance, with their great preparation beforehand, the entire process was very smooth.

Keelung Customs indicated that as a high-speed multi-purpose ship, “Hai Xia Hao” may transport cargo from mainland China to Taipei Port in the future. Therefore, the Customs has well prepared for the upcoming cargo clearance operations, and would be pleased to see more ships visiting Taipei Port in the future.

News Contact: Mr. Hsu
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  • Publish Date:2013-10-09
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