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Private Operators from Taichung Science Park Visited Taichung Customs

The convener of the Allied Association for Science Park Industries, Hsiu-Chi Wang, along with 30 persons and accompanied by the deputy director-general of Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ming-Huang Chen, visited Taichung Customs, Customs Administration , M.O.F on August 20,2015. Director of Taichung Customs, Ru-Yao Song, received the guests in person.

The visitors viewed the videos of Taichung Customs practices and the presentation of on-line declaration. They also watched import and export clearance process and visited the container station to understand the operation of cargo inspection. The visitors also went to the container instrument inspection center and saw the inspection measures for better understanding of the current status of expedited inspection for import clearance.

Convener Wang highly appreciated Taichung Customs for the arrangement of the visiting tour and found it very beneficial to the participants. She hoped that this positive interaction will continue so as to maintain closer relationship between customs and private operators, and facilitate more convenient customs clearance services.

Director Song said: “Customs shall continue to promote clearance facilitation, and be happy to see that private sectors understand the scope of Customs affairs and operation better through this informative visit alike. With an aim to enhance national competitiveness, better services shall be provided for the law-abiding business. Meanwhile, in compliance to national plank, this shall facilitate trades and economic development.

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  • Publish Date:2015-09-10
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