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Photography Masterpieces Exhibited at the Art and Culture Gallery of Taichung Customs

5102815541371.jpgTaichung Customs, strongly bringing the local people closer to the agency, has been actively improving its environment for providing better customs clearance services. Having hosted the successful exhibition of paintings and patchworks in collaboration with Taichung Costal Community College, Taichung Customs, with the assistance from its retired employees, cooperates with Photographic Society of Taichung to exhibit 64 prize-winning works of the 5th Taichung International Exhibition of Photography, 2015 Taiwan. The art and culture gallery is located at the first floor of its office building. The exhibition, which comprises topics of figures, animals, art, and landscapes, is now open and runs until 30th November.

Taichung Customs expressed that exhibiting photographic works of international level provides a recreational space full of aesthetic and artistic ambience to every citizen who comes to the office for business. Appreciating photographic arts of world class rouses a passionate feeling while making people feel at home. Folks and businesses are also welcome to visit the gallery for an enjoyment of aesthetics harmonized with culture and art.

News Contact: Mr. Cheng
Tel: 04-25323594 #18

  • Publish Date:2015-10-28
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