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Detectors Dogs Assigned to Masago Music Festival in The Prevention of Drugs Circulation

To prevent drugs from circulating around the Masago Music Festival in Tainan, highly trained detector dogs belonging to Kaohsiung Customs, Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, were assigned and sent to the spot for the purpose of safeguarding.
Kaohsiung Customs Director David Huang said that highly trained detector dogs were relocated to the music festival for the duty of intensive detection. It was mainly due to the request about preventing drugs from circulating around from Tainan City Police Department in charge of safety maintenance.
Kaohsiung Customs detector dogs shuttled and sniffed back and forth in the spots of music festival, barbecue areas, and other places where people congregated around. As far as those people on the spot were concerned, it was so amazing and curious to witness such incredibly specialized detector dogs ever that they were not only marveled by the dogs’ highly training skills but also gave their thumbs-up without any hesitations, therefore they showed their strong support for the Police authorities and the Customs agencies endeavoring to protect the general public from the harm of any drugs.
With people all soaking up the great feast without drugs, no drugs were detected when the music festival was over, adding a perfect ending to 2014 Masago Music Festival in Tainan.
Kaohsiung Customs Director David Huang pointed out that to enhance the efficiency of drugs detection as well as the convenience of Customs clearance, the adoption of detector dogs with high acuity has been the most reliably sharp weapon on drugs detection issues for Customs all over the world.
Besides implementing boundary detection and safeguarding, the Kaohsiung Customs Detector Dogs also collaborate with the prosecution and police authorities to fulfill the duties of cracking down drug dealings on a regular basis, and it succeeded from time to time.

News contact: Ms. Tsai

  • Publish Date:2014-09-25
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