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Keelung Customs Foils Bid to Smuggle in 6 Tons of Mushrooms

61051319471.jpgKeelung Customs (KLC) officers believe they have successfully applied risk-management techniques following the seizure of 6,000 kilograms of undeclared dried mushrooms without any tips-off. The contraband was found hidden in a 40” container whose goods were declared as “tea tables” arriving from Xiamen, China on July 24. With an estimated market value at NT$ 12 million, the contraband had been confiscated by KLC under the Customs Anti-Smuggling Act.

KLC noted that the smuggling of agricultural products from China has been a lucrative business for contrabandists and posed serious threats to public health as well as the normal flow of trade. To protect domestic agriculture and to ensure food safety, KLC will continue to step up efforts to target suspicious shipments and thwart smuggling activities. The private sectors are called on to complement government efforts by making honest declaration of goods.

News Contact: Sophia Chen
Tel: 02-24202951 ext.2002

  • Publish Date:2016-10-05
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