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Taipei Customs formed a new partnership with Inventec Corporation, a recently-registered bonded factory

Taipei Customs announced that the Taoyuan Operation of Inventec Corporation has registered as bonded factory with Taipei Customs and the formalities has been accomplished on April 17, 2017. A simple while dignified opening ceremony was also held on the same day, hosted jointly by Eric Lin, Director of Inventec Corporation and Hsiao, Zheng-Fen, Chief of Clearance Division II, Taipei Customs.
Inventec Corporation entered the world of laptop computer design, development and manufacturing in 1989. Over the last 20 years, numerous experiences have been accumulated on its laptop R&D and ODM. Accompanied with its strategic cooperation with the world’s top suppliers of software and spare parts, the clients of Inventec are always assured to enjoy the best-quality one-stop ODM service on laptop computers. In response to its global production deployment, the Taoyuan Operation has been established in its TRDC plant area and registered under the supervision of Taipei Customs as a bonded factory, providing its clients with completely “made in Taiwan” services.
Taipei Customs further indicated that a total number of 154 bonded factories has been registered as of March 2017. A bonded factory under the supervision of Taipei Customs will enjoy expedited clearance, while import duties can also be exempted on raw materials, self-use machines or equipment used for manufacturing export products. With these benefits in place, a registered bonded factory could not only lower operating costs but also enhance its global economic competitiveness. Taipei Customs stated that many internationally renowned companies have registered as bonded factories to enjoy the benefits, but the Customs will not stop here. The Customs will strive to continue improving their services to facilitate trade and seek more business opportunities for investors.

  • Publish Date:2017-05-08
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