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2014-01-23Chao-hsiang Liao Sworn in as Director of Keelung Customs
2014-01-20Hand-Over Ceremony for New Director of Kaohsiung Customs
2014-01-10Keelung Customs Seizes a Container Load of Smuggled Mushrooms
2013-12-12The Administrative Directive on Mutual Recognition of AEO between Taiwan and Israel was Signed in Taipei
2013-11-19Taichung Customs Invites Traders to Visit the Customs
2013-10-09Keelung Customs Director Inspects the Passenger Clearance Operations for Cross-Strait Liner Hai Xia Hao’s First Trip to Taipei Port
2013-09-23Keelung Customs Urges Travel Agencies to Help Promote the On-site Small Amount VAT Refund System
2013-09-23Reminders for Purchasing Goods Labeled as Customs-Auctioned Commodities on the Market
2013-09-04Taiwan Customs Administration and Singapore Customs promote the operation of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) on AEO
2013-08-01Taichung Customs Intercepts 3.9 Tons of Undeclared Mushroom Hidden in Imported Wooden Tables
2013-07-11Kaohsiung Customs Invites Stakeholders to Participate in Advance Cargo Information Pilot System
2013-07-10Kaohsiung Customs Organizes Mountain Cleaning Hiking to Mark Tax Day 2013
2013-07-04Taiwan Customs and IPR Business Partnership Co-host Counterfeit and Pirated Product Identification Workshop in Kaohsiung
2013-07-04Taiwan Customs Detector Dog Teams Plays a Pivotal Role in Fighting Against Drug Trafficking
2013-06-11Kaohsiung Customs and Aviation Police Office Seize Suspected Heroin in Traveler’s Luggage
2013-06-10Kaohsiung Customs Seizes 2,400 Kgs of Smuggled Mushroom from Mainland China
2013-05-31Kaohsiung Customs Provides Excellent Passenger Clearance Service on First Charter Flight between Chiayi, Taiwan, Shizuoka, Japan
2013-04-30Kaohsiung Customs Detects Radiation-Polluted Import Container to Protect Public Health in Effect
2013-03-26Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Smuggled Shiitake, Cigarettes and Drugs
2012-07-202nd Quarter Simulation International Conference 2012 in Kaohsiung
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