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2016-10-25The Launch of Self-Provided Bonded Warehouse of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Company Ltd. and the Opening Ceremony
2016-10-14Kaohsiung Customs Holds 2016 Bonding Operation Personnel Seminar
2016-10-13Keelung Customs Calls on Inward Passengers to Obey Regulations Governing Personal Luggage or Goods
2016-10-05Keelung Customs Foils Bid to Smuggle in 6 Tons of Mushrooms
2016-10-04Keelung Customs Combats Drug Smuggling by Cruise Passengers
2016-09-30The Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) on AEO between Taiwan and Korea will be in operation on October 1, 2016
2016-09-22Kaohsiung Customs Seized 888 Boxes of Smuggled Cigarettes Just before Moon Festival Arrives
2016-08-30Kaohsiung Customs Seized about 12 Tons of Dried Mushrooms, Pork Tendons and Ham as Moon Festival Approaches
2016-07-29Commodity tax cut for vehicle / motorcycle trade-in
2016-05-19Paperless export clearance
2016-01-30Taichung Customs Urges Both Inbound and Outbound Passengers to Be Aware of Restrictions on Carrying Cash
2015-12-22Taiwan and Korea Sign the Arrangement for Mutual Recognition of AEO to Facilitate Bilateral Trade
2015-10-28Photography Masterpieces Exhibited at the Art and Culture Gallery of Taichung Customs
2015-10-27Customs Greatly Helped Usher in a New Era for Taiwans MCC Service
2015-10-20Keelung Customs Held a Seminar on Multi-Country Consolidation Service
2015-10-16Kaohsiung Customs Holds 2015 Bonding Operation Personnel Seminar
2015-10-13Taichung Customs Seized Smuggled Mushrooms from China
2015-09-24Taiwan Customs and IPR Business Partnership Co-host Counterfeit Identification Workshop in Taipei
2015-09-10Private Operators from Taichung Science Park Visited Taichung Customs
2015-09-03A Successful Forum on Tariff Classification Held in Taichung Customs
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