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2017-05-17Inbound Passengers Having Unaccompanied Baggage Shall Pass through the “Goods to Declare” Counter (Red Channel)
2017-05-08Taipei Customs formed a new partnership with Inventec Corporation, a recently-registered bonded factory
2017-05-08Taipei Customs seized over 30 million Yen in cash carried by an inbound passenger at Taoyuan International Airport
2017-05-04More facilitated Customs service to expedite import process of alcohol
2017-05-02Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Smuggled Dried Mushrooms from China
2017-04-28Undeclared Currencies Exceeding Permitted Amounts to Be Confiscated from June 28, 2017
2017-04-28Kaohsiung Customs Seized 919 Boxes of Smuggled Marlboro Cigarettes
2017-04-07Taipei Customs seized raw Japanese beef at Taipei Songshan Airport
2017-03-30Online Customs Clearance for Export Transportation Means Saves Time and Cost
2017-03-09Taichung Customs urges exports compliant with Regulations Governing Export of Commodities, and accuracy of trademarks.
2017-03-07Keelung Customs accepting applications from autonomously-managed businesses for 2016 Outstanding Personnel Prize
2017-02-17The inauguration ceremony held by Chien Shing Harbor Company for its container yard approved by Taichung Customs
2017-02-15Customs service counter in Airport MRT line’s A1 Station is to be opened on Feb.16
2017-02-10Taiwan Customs and Finnish Customs sign cooperation arrangement to combat customs fraud
2017-02-06Kaohsiung Customs Joint MJIB in Seizing Smuggled Drugs and Pistols
2017-01-25Taichung Customs Promoted Customs Clearance Regulations at Wu-chi Old Street Year-end Carnival
2017-01-13Amkor Technology presented with certification of Security and Safety Authorized Economic Operator (AEOS) by Taipei Customs
2017-01-06Taiwan Has Been Adopted HS Nomenclature 2017 Edition to Synchronize with HS Contracting Parties
2016-10-27Kaohsiung Megaports Workshop
2016-10-25The Launch of Self-Provided Bonded Warehouse of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Company Ltd. and the Opening Ceremony
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